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  • 10 career mistakes to avoid making in 2018

    <h3> <strong>10 career mistakes to avoid making in 2018</strong> </h3>

    New is a good time to make changes in both your career and personal life. If you're ready to ring in a more successful career in 2018, take a minute to make sure you're not about to make a mistake, or continue a pattern, that could hold you back. We have compiled a list of 10 career mistakes to avo[...]

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  • 7 tips on how to negotiate for a pay rise

    <h3> <strong> 7 tips on how to negotiate for a pay rise </strong> </h3>

    The art of salary negotiation is a key career skill that will help you throughout your working life. If you feel you deserve a pay rise and the time's come to do something about it, make sure you approach the matter in the right way, and in a way that will leave everyone positive about the outcome.[...]

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    <h3><strong>WHY USE A PROFESSIONAL STAFFING AGENCY ?</strong></h3>

    A study conducted by McKinsey Co. in 1997, predicted that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years would be talent. The study went on to state that this would also be the resource in shortest supply and the search for the best and the brightest would become a constant, costly bat[...]

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  • Executive Headhunting

    <h3><strong>Executive Headhunting</strong></h3>

    Flexi Personnel’s Executive Search consultants are a specialized team of executive recruiters. We are the leading head hunters in East Africa covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. As an Executive Search firm, our unique proposition is that we have a good reach in our r[...]

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  • How to answer 10 most common job interview questions

    <h3><strong>How to answer 10 most common job interview questions</strong> </h3>

    When getting ready for your next job interview, it is important to do a research on the hiring company. Find out what they do ( if you don't know), what services they offer or what are their products. This will boost your confidence while getting you ready for the interview questions.   [...]

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