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  • How to Identify an Effective Headhunter

    How to Identify an Effective Headhunter

    When you want to recruit top industry professionals or senior managers including CEO’s, CFO’s and directors to your company, the best way to go about it is to headhunt them. This is because most of these people are not looking for jobs or are comfortable where they are. As a company, the only a[...]

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  • Intentional Career Growth

    Intentional Career Growth

    Have you ever wondered what real practical actions you can take to nurture your career in the right direction? One useful and helpful way is to take an honest self-assessment of your personality and determine the extent it contributes to building or slowing down your career growth and success. Self-[...]

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  • Top HR Issues Kenyan Companies Should Watch Out For This 2016

    Top HR Issues Kenyan Companies Should Watch Out For This 2016

    As a HR manager, it is important to stay abreast with current changes and trends in the HR industry. HR is an ever evolving profession and not being up to date may result in your company not being an attractive place for potential employees or you might even face legal action due to non-compliance w[...]

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  • Best Way to Fire an Employee

    Even if you own a company or are the CEO, long gone are the days when you would fire someone because you do not like them or just feel like dismissing them. Current labor laws and regulations favor employees and have made it difficult to dismiss staff. Once an employee is in your payroll, they ca[...]

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  • Valentine Blues in the Workplace

    Even though valentine is regarded as a day of love, media reports are showing that the day after valentine is associated with employee suspensions or dismals due to inappropriate work place behavior or taking the valentine celebration too far in a way that embarrasses the company’s image. As e[...]

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