The employer value proposition (EVP) is a unique set of values  and benefits to positively influence target candidates and employees. A company needs a unique employer selling point . The EVP gives current and future employees an inspiration and motivation to work for an employer and reflects the company’s competitive advantage.

What is an employer brand?

An employer brand refers to the views and perceptions key stakeholders, and current and potential employees, have of your organization. It is about how they view the company in the market, through to what they think it would be like to work for your organization.

An effective employer brand presents your organization as a good employer and a great place to work and can help with recruitment, retention , interest by job seekers to join the company based on their market perception.

Employer branding is therefore about effectively communicating your organization’s values and culture to create the desired perceptions. Employer branding affects every touch point the organization has with the employee, starting with the recruitment and on-boarding process. It then extends to every aspect of their employment including; training and development, support networks, the development of career paths and benefits and incentives, right through to their exit from the organization and beyond.

What are the benefits of having an Employer Value brand.

It can significantly improve application rates and put your company in the enviable position of having a wide pool of talent to choose . In the competitive search for great talent it can make your company stand out in a crowded market and provide compelling reasons to potential great talent to join your company rather than going elsewhere.

Employer value Proposition

It ensures that the communication and branding done by a company is consistent, unique and relevant to important target talent pools. Employers that develop their EVP successfully benefit from an increase in their talent pool and employee engagement.

Retention & Engagement

For the current employees it gives them a sense of purpose and understanding of what they’re being asked to do, which in turn reflects in their attitude. They’re engaged and an engaged employee walks with a spring in their step. They’re loyal and know what they’re working towards. They’re not the people you want to lose. By attracting and retaining people with the right fit, you can create a more productive workforce and position your organization for long term success.

A great employer brand can help you stand out because many people prefer to work for employers aligned with their values therefore becoming their employer of choice. Aim to build a great employer brand to build a successful company and become the employer of choice for great talent .

If you need to strengthen your Employer Brand Flexi Personnel Consultants will work relentlessly to ensure you become an employer of choice.

Winrose Mwangi HR operations Director and HR Consultant in Flexi Personnel LTD.

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