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Flexi Personnel’s Executive Search consultants are a specialized team of executive recruiters. We are the leading head hunters in East Africa covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.
As an Executive Search firm, our unique proposition is that we have a good reach in our region combined with our unique methods of head hunting and attraction.  We provide firms with access to the highest caliber of business leaders, functional heads, Directors, and C-Suite professionals across all industries providing exceptional Talent from our region.

If you are senior executive looking for placement or an employer looking to place a senior executive, talk to us on alice@flexi-personnel.com. Our clients can testify that if you’re searching for qualified senior level executives in the East African region, our senior recruitment consultants are your ideal partners to locate the right talent for your job profile for your review and approval.

Unlike other Executive Headhunting firms, our unique regional reach, combined with various and diverse techniques of headhunting and search, we provide firms with access to the highest caliber of business leaders.

Why use a professional a recruitment firm, to support you in headhunting for your ideal candidate for your Organization?

First, any client who chooses to use the recruitment firm for Headhunting, he or she will be able to save a lot of time and money. This is because Headhunting Executives will be the ones who will headhunt for a suitable candidate for the client. The client will need to first share a job description of what he or she wants for the position that is to be filled and he will get exactly what he has asked for because the firm has the best team who ensures that the client’s expectations are met. The client will have saved his or her time in doing several interviews to get the right client. Once the Executive team has done the interviews, the agency will present the first three to five candidates they saw fit for the position for the client to do the final interview and pick the best. The team is always ready to assist the client throughout the process until the client is satisfied and has found the right candidate.

Another reason why Organizations should embrace the idea of using Executive Headhunting, it ensures that confidentiality is maintained as the recruitment is being done by an external party who has no internal interests. It also reduces the managerial work load allowing the internal team to focus on other priorities. The Headhunting Executives in the recruitment firm will be the appropriate team to help the organizations headhunt the suitable candidates for the clients. The recruitment firm doesn’t limit itself to headhunt for a selected industry.  It can headhunt candidates for clients from any industry they would like them to headhunt from for example, Manufacturing, Communication, Technology, Energy, Non-Governmental Organizations, Oil and Mining etc.

Also, Executive Team know how to get the best candidate for a client as Headhunting is their core business. Professionals are not able to headhunt candidates from the companies they would desire as there is a 99% chance that those companies are their competitors and that is where the recruitment firm comes in.

The recruitment firm has an extensive database of high talented candidates all over the region as they have invested in technology that enables them to reach to a wide network of candidates.

At the end, it will be a win win situation for all the parties involved.

If you require Executive Headhunting services, feel free to contact our Senior Executive team at alice@flexi-personnel.com.

Article written by Winrose Mwangi HR Operations Director and Human Resources Consultant Flexi Personnel Nairobi, Kenya.


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