How to Identify an Effective Headhunter

When you want to recruit top industry professionals or senior managers including CEO’s, CFO’s and directors to your company, the best way to go about it is to headhunt them.
This is because most of these people are not looking for jobs or are comfortable where they are. As a company, the only alternative is to hire a headhunting service in Kenya who will seek out these individuals and convince them to join your company.
Even though there are several headhunting companies in Kenya, it is important to select one which is professional and effective. Some of the qualities of an effective headhunting firm are discussed herein;


Any effective headhunter in Kenya should be one who has relevant experience in identifying talented industry professionals and effectively convincing them to join your company.
To be effective, your headhunter must first be able to understand your company structure, how it operates and its corporate culture. Additionally, they must have an interactive discussion with you to understand the specific nature of your recruitment requirements. These will enable them identify the ideal candidate for your position.

Headhunting Approach

An effective headhunting company is one which will first shortlist a number or potential candidates for you to select those you wish to be headhunted. A majority of headhunting companies in Kenya fail to get professionals they seek due to their approach.
When hiring a headhunter, it is important that they outline to you how they are going to approach the professional you want and convince them to join your company. A good headhunter must first undertake research on their target candidates and present the position as an ‘opportunity’ and not just another job.


The reputation of a headhunter is very important as it determines their level of credibility. Because you will trust a headhunter to get you the kind of people you want in your company, it is important to select one who uses ethical and legal ways to convince these professionals.

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