Outsourced Labour Management

Outsourced Labour Management

As your company expands, your challenges (especially in personnel management) multiply exponentially. By outsourcing your labour management obligations to us, you effectively reduce your organisational burdens as you no longer have to face these challenges.

With Flexi Personnel, you will benefit from a stress-free payroll service, superb staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support.

The question you should be asking yourself is this:

Are you leveraging all of your HR capabilities?

Unlike large corporations, small and medium-size organizations have limited capacity for maintaining fully operational HR departments. However, this doesn’t mean that these businesses don’t face similar HR challenges to their larger and more established organizational counterparts. They do!

In fact, HR services in Kenya are becoming increasingly complex. And at the same rate, the relative sizes of HR departments in the small to mid-size companies are gradually diminishing.

So what is really going on?

One word; outsourcing!

Flexi Personnel is well-recognized for its ability to handle staff outsourcing within the whole of East Africa. Our expertise in staff outsourcing enables clients to remain trouble-free whilst they manage their businesses. You can trust our company to help you leverage your full HR capability and, consequently, significantly enhance your business results.

Flexi Personnel’s outsourced labour management provides a variety of solutions for the staff you outsource with us, both on-site and off-site. We are responsible for managing thousands of employees working at different client sites throughout Kenya.

We usually offer pure staff outsourcing services in Kenya. However, as part of the cost benefit to our clients, we move with our clients through the entire employee lifecycle – recruitment & selection, on-boarding, staff management, and payroll management.

When clients outsource their staffing needs to us, we do all the associated work, which includes:

1. Employment offer letters: We provide offer letters to all outsourced staff, whilst in frequent consultation with the client.

2. Shift scheduling: If a specific employee is not able to report to work, we provide a replacement within the agreed timelines so as to ensure full (100%) shift capacity at all times.

3. Time and attendance management

4. Occupational health and safety awareness: We brief all contracted employees on the health and safety guidelines to reduce health and safety risks.

5. Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA): We ensure all outsourced staff are covered for, according to the Work Injury Benefits Act policy.

6. Medical cover: When the client requires outsourced staff to be provided with medical cover, we procure this on their behalf.

7.Compliance with employment legislation: We ensure outsourced staff are managed within all stipulated legislation, in line with the Employment Act.

8. Travelling/out of pocket allowances: When necessary, we advance allowances to the employees who require them. This is all done within 24 hours via bank, and the client is invoiced for the amount as stipulated within the terms of the contract.

9. Payroll management: We are responsible for processing salaries, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and allowable insurance relief for all outsourced staff.

10. Soft Skills Training: We are aware that every employee is a brand ambassador for the company and, therefore, we conduct soft skills training for all outsourced staff. This occurs once every yearly quarter and on the client site so as to avoid disrupting operations.

11. On site supervision: When a client outsources over 40 staff, we provide a supervisor on site to manage and motivate outsourced staff. This guarantees the maximum return on client investment.

12. Induction of new employees: We are aware that recruitment is expensive, so we support the client with by handling the induction of all new employees. This ensures the maximum return on investment made by the client, whilst also serving to significantly reduce employee turnover rates.

13. Performance Management: We customize performance management tools and work with the client to monitor and enhance the performance of all outsourced staff.

14. Leave management: We keep track of official leave taken/balance and sick leave taken/balance, on behalf of the client.

15. Reporting: We provide the client with real-time online reports for all agreed reporting lines.

16. Salaries: We ensure outsourced staff salaries are transferred to the respective staff accounts on the date agreed with client.

For further information or clarification on our outsourced labour management service, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form.

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