Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Flexi Personnel Ltd is one of the fastest growing payroll outsourcing companies in Kenya. We have been providing payroll processing services for a wide range of clients since December 2010.

We process bonuses, commissions, overtime, and payroll for weekly/ bi weekly/ daily/hourly paid employees.

Our teams also handle salary queries and provide all payroll tax information to the client on a monthly basis or as agreed with the client.

More so, Flexi Personnel provides clients with outsourced salary management services. We handle each and every element of this process, such as data entry, banking transactions, employee inquiries, and remittances both in Kenya and across continents.

Our overall approach is a team-based. This means, in simpler terms, that we don’t take breaks until your payroll is complete!

The payroll service spectrum we offer includes, but is not limited to:
  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Payroll tax reporting
  • Attendance and leave records management
  • Payslip generation in soft/hard copy
  • Reimbursement/ Expense management
  • Time off/ sick and annual leave tracking
  • Accrual balances
  • Year-end tax reports
  • HELB/ Mortgage/ Sacco/ Loans disbursement

Organizations that rely on a single expert to manage their payroll can be significantly impacted by any slight changes, such as an employee quitting their job, taking vacation or leave, falling sick, etc.

Such changes can make the payroll function vulnerable to interruptions and costly errors.

Our team-based approach enables us to provide reliable payroll management in Kenya without interruptions or errors. There is always a dedicated team-player and an equally able backup partner.

For further information on our payroll services, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form.


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