Top HR Issues Kenyan Companies Should Watch Out For This 2016

As a HR manager, it is important to stay abreast with current changes and trends in the HR industry. HR is an ever evolving profession and not being up to date may result in your company not being an attractive place for potential employees or you might even face legal action due to non-compliance with current labor laws. This 2016, some of the top HR issues you need to watch out for include;

Changing Labor Legislations

In Kenya, the labor sector is transforming fast and the government is putting in place policies to protect employees in the workplace. Currently the employment amendment bill 2015 which is currently before parliament seeks to align the Kenyan workforce with provisions of the new constitution and accepted best practices in the labor industry. According to Flexi-Personnel HR policy expert, It is important for HR managers to follow this bill closely and be ready to abide by it once it is enacted.

Additionally, HR managers should be updated on any changes in statutory remittance. Today companies are being fined by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) for failing to remit deductions from employees who once received the loan.

Millennial In the Workplace

Many HR specialists are still grappling with the best way to deal with millenials in the workplace. (Read separate post on how to deal with millennials in the workplace). The term millennials is generally used to describe people who were born after 1995. Most of these people are currently aged 21 and will soon be joining the workforce. Millennials are tech savvy, have a deep understanding of social media and most have an entitled and a know it all attitude.

Even though millennials can help your company grow and remain relevant in this age HR managers should be able to know how to effectively deal with them so as to increase their productivity. According to a research done by Flexi Personnel, most Kenyan companies are still lagging behind in forming effective HR policies that address millennials in the work place.

Employee Benefits in the Workplace

With continued competition between businesses this 2016, it is imperative for companies are seeking to recruit and retain the best talent within their workforce. The only way to ensure your company retains best talent is to have employee benefits like medical cover, employee bonuses, insurance and other benefits that will entice employees to remain in your company.

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