Valentine Blues in the Workplace

Even though valentine is regarded as a day of love, media reports are showing that the day after valentine is associated with employee suspensions or dismals due to inappropriate work place behavior or taking the valentine celebration too far in a way that embarrasses the company’s image.

As employers, it is prudent that you have a workplace dating policy that will safeguard your company against negative valentine day effects like employees overwhelming each other with valentine gifts and kisses, employees using the office space as a venue for their valentine dates or even senior staff asking junior staff out on a valentine date.

When putting in place a Workplace dating policy, it is important to ensure you do not infringe on any rights or privileges your employees enjoy or trying to change the existing office culture. Even though many HR professionals recommend every company to have a clear workplace dating policy, some experts believe that restricting workplace dating in its entirety is not a good move in the long run.

K’Opiyo Ogogo, a HR policy specialist at Flexi Personnel Ltd is categorical that workplace dating should not be entirely banned but allowed as long as staff follows company policies and guidelines.
According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), an effective workplace dating policy must be one which prohibits dating between senior and junior staff. The policy should also provide for the disclosure of any dating in the office and provide for appropriate measures which may include staff transfers to another department or location.

Mr. K’Opiyo Ogogo further adds a good workplace dating policy should be one that provides guidelines on office dating to ensure the brand image of the organization is maintained at all times even when staff have intimate relationships that is not disclosed.

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