Why Manufacturing Companies Need To Outsource Their HR Functions

The reliance on human capital by manufacturing companies in Kenya cannot be understated as many factories have employed hundreds of skilled and semi-skilled staff. Managing hundreds of staff is usually a challenge for many manufacturing companies as they will have to allocate time and resources dealing with HR and other staff issues instead of focusing on their core objectives of growing and expanding the company.

As a manufacturing company operating in Kenya or one that is just setting up shop, the most recommended solution to ensure your company remains focused on its core objectives is by outsourcing its HR functions to a professional and reputable staff outsourcing agency. Some of the benefits your factory stands to gain by outsourcing its HR functions are discussed herein;

Recruitment and Management of Staff

When you need to undertake mass recruitment for short term contract workers, the staff outsourcing company that you work with will be able to undertake an efficient recruitment process for you. Staff outsourcing agencies have a database of already vetted candidates whom they can contact if you need immediate or short notice placement.
After recruitment, the outsourcing agency you partner with will provide you with an onsite Human resource officer to manage the daily activities of the outsourced staff. This is advantageous as you will only concentrate on your production and growth objectives and not in any way deal with HR functions like shift management, leave management, sick offs and time attendance management.

Payroll Management

Managing a mass payroll for short term contracted staff is not an easy task and may end up taking most of your time as you will be dealing with lots of payroll issues like delayed payments, overtime payment and underpayment issues.
When you outsource your payroll you will not have any issues when it comes to staff payroll management as all outsourced staff, regardless of the number, will be paid their deserving dues in a timely manner. This is because staff outsourcing agencies have a team of experienced and professional in house accountants and payroll officers who will effectively manage your large payroll accounts.

Statutory Deductions and Employment Laws in Kenya

Employment laws in Kenya are ever changing and your company might become embroiled in legal issues with the government due to non-adherence of labor laws. This can never be the case when you partner with a staff outsourcing firm as they are always up to date on all labor regulations and will advise you accordingly to ensure compliance. All statutory deductions will be done and remitted to relevant bodies/collection agencies in a timely manner.
Additionally, and depending on the nature of operations, all staff being managed by the staff outsourcing agency will be provided with personal protection equipment (PPE) like helmets, protective clothing and any other protective equipment required by law. The outsourcing agency would also ensure procurement of WIBA (work injury benefits Act) as required by law.

Protection against Staff Disruptions

Another major benefit why companies requiring the services of large numbers of short term employees should outsource their HR function is because staff outsourcing agencies have well-developed labor management strategies that ensure few or no cases of staff disruptions in form of strikes or go slows. Staff outsourcing agencies in Kenya have perfected the skill of labor management as is their core business enabling clients to focus on their core business too.
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