Why Talent Measurement Matters?

It is always satisfying to engage with motivated and passionate employees because they set the pace of business performance and delivery in any work environment.

Identifying the right employees for your organization is one the most important jobs of any manager as the new hire directly affects business performance depending on their contribution and innovativeness. Partnering with the right recruitment and selection firm to headhunt and identify the right people that will fit into the roles that you want to fill is paramount to realizing efficiency in business operations. A headhunter identifies the kind of people you want to work in your organization from the Industry and points to them how they can connect with your brand to make a great contribution with their skills to your organization whilst making a successful career for themselves.

It is critical to support the face to face interviews with psychometric tests and assessments that provides a level of measurement whilst giving you deeper insights about the personality of the person especially on their traits, drive, energy levels, emotions and their preferred ways of working. This ensures you have more information at the hiring point as an employer to pick the right fit that will bring in innovative thinking and performance to boost productivity and profitability. And with the right development and deployment, their performance will reach new levels.

To keep a recruit engaged keep a robust method of measuring performance of your talent daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This ensures that every manager is consistently in touch with their team and is able to identify the key talent that drives productivity, continually resolving the challenges that come through during the discussions to ensure that the company is delivering quickly and effectively in the market place. Always remembering what is not measured will not be done. Measuring performance activates the ‘getting things done culture’ which creates a robust and energized working environment.

It is critical to reward good performance since differences in people’s performance impact the bottom line. Strong performers increase revenue and profit by developing effective ideas and strategies, winning support for them, and inspiring others to get them implemented. They are able to cut through bureaucracy and complexity with ease bringing ideas to market quickly, meeting commitments and reducing costs. Marginal performers, on the other hand, hurt the bottom line by making poor decisions, working inefficiently, failing to get others support and being slow to change. They are frequently also slow learners.

Used in both selection and development contexts, talent measurement provides the foundation for contemporary talent management strategies and initiatives in any firm.

Article was written by Winrose Mwangi, a Certified Psychometric Assessor with the British Psychological Society, Winrose is the Head of HR consultancy at Flexi Personnel Kenya.

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