Employer of Record and Payroll Services in Ivory Coast

Leveraging your business in West Africa’s largest economy is now more attainable than ever with the help of Flexi-Personnel employer of record services in the Ivory Coast. 

We handle everything efficiently, quickly, and in compliance with local business laws and policies.

Ivory Coast Overview

Ivory Coast is situated in West Africa at the borders of the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s population is 27.48 million, and its capital is Yamoussoukro. West African CFA Franc is the country’s currency, and French is the official language.

Ivory Coast has the most stable economy in the West African Monetary and Economic Union as a leading producer of cashew nuts, cocoa, and oil, plus extensive involvement in the manufacturing sector. Its real GDP reported as of 2021 is 70.04 billion USD, and an annual growth rate of 7.0%. In addition, Ivory Coast had 1.4 USD billion measured as a percentage of GDP sourced from Foreign Direct Investments.

Our EOR and Payroll Services in the Ivory Coast Flexi-Personnel

Expatriate Services

At Flexi-Personnel, we provide your international employees with immigration support to settle down and start business operations in days, unlike usual, which takes weeks. Our expatriate support includes helping with permit applications, filling online applications, orientation, and induction, booking hotels, and other logistic coordination such as security, transport services, and provision of offices.

Staff Outsourcing

We provide a team of qualified professionals who are experts in their fields, saving your business the time and resources required to recruit and manage your own workforce

Payroll Administration

We handle everything concerning payrolls, from setup, data input, drafting payroll reports, invoicing, paying salaries and statutory contributions, to submitting payment evidence to our clients.

Recruitment Service

Our Recruitment service  simplify the process of finding and hiring the right talent for your organization. We handle the recruitment process, including job postings, candidate screening, interviews, reference checks, as well as the on-boarding process, ensuring compliance with local employment laws.

HR Consultancies

We provide a comprehensive pack of HR services aided by our cutting-edge technology.

We provide a comprehensive pack of HR services aided by our cutting-edge technology.

At Flexi-Personnel, we complete all statutory filings on your behalf, meaning you won’t worry about missing any important deadlines or requirements. This ensures that your business stays compliant with all necessary regulations.

Work Dynamics in Ivory Coast

Working Hours

Employees’ standard working hours in the Ivory Coast are 8 in a day, 40 hours a week. In addition, an employee can work night hours from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am.


When it’s necessary to work overtime, employees work for 15 hours extra maximum, and the employment contract determines the overtime pay; however, it ranges between 15% and 100% of the employee’s daily salary.

Minimum Wage

Ivory Coast minimum wage is 60,000 CFA or 120 USD, but it varies depending on the profession. Salaries are paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Leaves in Ivory Coast

Employees in the Ivory Coast have rights to various paid leaves. They include:

Annual Paid Leave

The number of paid leave days a worker is given depends on the duration they have worked in a business.

  • For one to four years, employees are entitled to 26 paid leave days
  • Five to nine years, employees are entitled to 27 paid days off
  • For ten and above years, employees get 28 paid leave days
Sick Leave

Employees in the Ivory Coast are entitled to a five-day paid sick leave. However, it’s determined by the official medical certificate.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Women get a 14-week leave and men ten days, both of which are fully paid.

Family Leave

Employees may also be granted family leave in the Ivory Coast based on essential family commitments, as listed below.  

  • Marriage -4 days 
  • Relocation -1 day 
  • First communion or baptism of a child -1 day
  • Wedding of a child or sibling -2 days
  • Death of a partner or immediate family member -5 days
  • Death of a parent-in-law- 2 days
National Holidays in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has 14 public holidays, as shown in the table below.

New Year’s Day1 January
Easter Monday5 April
Labour Day1 May
The revelation of the Qur’an10 May
Ascension Day13 May
Korite13 May
Whit Monday24 May
Tabaski20 July
Independence Day7 August
Assumption Day15 August
Prophet’s Birthday19 October
All Saints’ Day1 November
National Peace Day15 November
Christmas Day25 December

Taxation in Ivory Coast

Individual Income Tax

Ivory Coast subjects employees to a progressive tax system, meaning one should pay taxes based on income. The lowest tax is 2% of the employee’s income, and the highest is 36% of the employee’s monthly income.

Corporate Tax

The corporate tax applies at the rate of 25% on taxable profits.

Payroll Tax

Payroll tax in the Ivory Coast is 2.8%, calculated on gross salaries.

Terms of Employment Contracts in Ivory Coast

Before working, the employer must sign a working contract with the employees (fixed and predetermined) before working. These contracts contain probation terms specified in writing, which last between eight days and three months for a predetermined contract and two years for a fixed-term contract.

At times, the probation periods in the Ivory Coast aren’t specified, and in such cases, the following probations will apply:

  • Monthly Paid Employee – 1 month probation period
  • Hourly or Daily Paid Employee – 8 days probation period
  • Technicians, supervisors, and similar services or positions – 2 months probation period
  • Senior managers, engineers, technicians, and other workers – 3 months probation period
Severance and Terminations of Employees

Except in misconduct or gross negligence circumstances, an employer must pay severance when terminating an employee’s employment under the contract terms. This is based on the duration of work as follows:

  • Five years – 30% of their monthly wage for each year of service
  • Six years- 10 years – 35% of their monthly salary for each year of service
  •  Ten years and above – 40% of their monthly salary for each year of service
Notice Period

In the Ivory Coast, notices are based on employment duration, as in the table.

Duration of EmploymentNotice Period
Below 6 months8 days
6 months – 11 months15 days
1 – 5 1 month
6 – 10 years 2 months
11 – 16 years 3 months
Over 16 years4 months

Why Choose Flexi Personnel Employer of Record Services

Compliance expertise

We have extensive experience and knowledge gathered over the years. We ensure that your business remains compliant with all regulations and local labor laws governing the industry in the Ivory Coast, thus avoiding any penalties arising from mistakes and incomprehension of these policies

Talent acquisition

Our EOR solution provides a large pool of qualified and pre-screened candidates in the Ivory Coast to ensure that your business goals remain intact

Speed and efficiency

We have an established network of an experienced team in the Ivory Coast, which allows us to onboard employees efficiently and quickly while tapping the local market

Local Knowledge

Our team has extensive knowledge of the local market, culture, and employment laws in the Ivory Coast, making us the ideal partner for companies looking to expand into the country

Risk mitigation

By partnering with us, rest assured to mitigate all risks associated with employee termination, compliance issues, and labor disputes, among other risks that may result from time to time when operating a business in a foreign country

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