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Human resource executive search firms

The human resource (HR) executive search industry comprises organizations that source qualified candidates for top-level positions. The United States leads the world as the largest market for executive search services. However, more and more firms worldwide are catching up as half of the total executive search firms operate globally.

The extended reach is what draws companies to choose executive search firms over other recruiting methods. Furthermore, many companies would prefer hiring top talent regardless of the location, especially after COVID-19 led employees to start working remotely.

Over the last four years (2016-2020), the executive search industry has grown a staggering 11%. Key market indicators show that the industry is expected to see a massive increase in the foreseeable future as information-technology grows. As a result, using HR executive search firms such as Flexi Personnel could be the solution to recruiting top talent. Especially for struggling companies.

In this article:

  1. What is human resource executive search?
  2. How does executive search work?
  3. Are executive search firms worth it? 
  4. Are there any good human resource executive search firms in Africa?

Executive search is a specialized form of recruitment function that involves the ‘hunt’ for highly qualified /top-talent candidates for senior and executive job positions within a given organization. Previously, executive search was informally known as ‘headhunting.’

Human resource executive search firms are third party firms that perform the above function on behalf of organizations. Businesses and companies alike may choose to search or outsource such talents by themselves. However, the recruitment process is often long and tedious. As a result, working with a third party HR executive search firm also known as a ‘headhunter’ would be in a company’s best interest.

For instance, Flexi Personnel is one of Africa’s best executive recruiter that facilitate executive ‘headhunting’ services to businesses. Not only that, but we also specialize in other human resource functions. Such as, the search and placement of people that exclusively handle hiring, administration, and training functions.

HR executive search is not only limited to the senior executives such as CEOs and CFOs. The search also includes looking for highly specialized/ top talent individuals for which there is a strong demand in the market. This includes positions such as lead data analysts and computer programmers.

Besides, many firms today opt to have interim managers or interim executives as opposed to traditional managers. The process is still the same as leadership assessment is at the core of the evaluation process.

Top HR recruiting firms such as Flexi Personnel have connections with highly specialized human resource employees across different industries. International executive search, with the help of third-party firms, will prove to be a success for the company in question. But first, how does executive search work?

How does executive search work?

Talent acquisition, especially in a region like East and Central Africa, can be challenging. Each country has its own culture, primary industry, and economy different from other countries in the area. As a result, top businesses across the world looking to set-up shops in this part of the world seek the services of HR recruiters specializing in human resource executive search, such as Flexi Personnel.

It can be extremely frustrating for both candidates and clients during the hiring process if either of the two parties is unaware of what is happening ‘behind the curtains.’ However, as Flexi Personnel, we are dedicated to maintaining an open communication line with both business clients and candidates. This ensures the whole process is smooth and transparent.

With that said, the following is a generalized process of the executive recruiting operation

  • Step 1: The Initial Meeting

The entire process starts with the initial contact/meeting involving both the client and the recruitment firm (s). The meetings progressively advance as both firms share more details such as the requirements, timeline, and analysis of the company, just to mention a few.

  • Step 2: Creating a Job Description

After meeting with the client, the search firm then creates a job description based on the research performed by the search firm and requirements, as discussed by the client’s firm.

Job descriptions often contain detailed information about the career and educational responsibilities, qualifications roles, resume cv presentation guidelines and expectations of the executive job position.

  • Step 3: Finalizing the Search Plan

After creating a job description, the search firm will research further to determine which candidate is best suited for the position. Here negotiations involving details like retainer fee could be arranged.

Top HR executive search firms such as Flexi Personnel have advanced strategies and their complex network of databases to shortlist the best executive candidates for the given assignment.

  • Step 4: Interviews with the Candidate

The next step after the search for shortlisted candidates would be to have face to face interviews. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted many face-to-face meetings, and recruiters have been forced to settle for online meetings through platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

After a series of interviews, the client will then select a candidate. Shortly afterwards, the process of salary negotiations and other agreements are formalized. The last step would be to announce the appointment of the candidate

The overall process can be long and tedious, especially for firms that opt to outsource the candidates themselves as opposed to a direct hire. With an executive recruiting firm such as Flexi Personnel, the process is significantly shortened. But are such third-party firms worth it?

Are executive search firms worth it? 

As mentioned earlier, great hiring practices expose hidden issues while providing valuable insight into questions that you might have regarding the entire process. What makes an executive search firm valuable is the ability to provide the insight necessary for selecting and hiring top-level seniors in an organization. This is what justifies the costs of the best HR recruiting firms.

When firms choose to do the entire process (executive job search) by themselves, they risk overlooking essential information that the expert recruitment agencies don’t. The main goal of engaging a professional is to benefit from their executive search consultant services. And that is what you will be getting if you choose to employ a top hr executive search firm such as Flexi Personnel.

For instance, interim management is a concept that is quickly growing. As a result, businesses need firms that not only provide outsourcing functions but consulting services as well. So it would be wise to employ the services of an employment agency with a track record in providing leadership solutions.

Additionally, you will be saving a lot in time and costs. Remember that when a firm is facing a crisis, it is imperative to quickly acquire an executive’s services to turn around the situation. Additionally, each vacancy costs the average business approximately $500 a day. This means that when company roles remain unfulfilled, the company loses money daily while the team productivity decreases.

An executive search company will prove valuable in the long run. The average time to hire staff is taking longer than before. According to a recent report, the average time to hire staff today is twice as long as it was in 2010.

So, investing in quality recruitment or outsourcing program would be in your company’s best interest as such practices are essential in building a good team, including a top-level executive with a proven track record.

Besides, industry trends point out to massive growth in the years to come. In 2018 alone, the executive search industry generated approximately $15.6 billion, a 50% increase from 2012. This shows that more and more businesses are seeing the importance of search firms

Executive placement should be a top priority. Failure to do so might only result in financial losses and lowered productivity in an organization. Recruiting companies help avoid such losses by providing an interim executive.

If you don’t hire a top candidate quickly, another company will swiftly nab them up. Some of them might be key competitors. So to prevent this, it would be best if you considered hiring using a third-party firm to help you speed up the entire process. This will help in getting you out of that rut affecting your company.

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets, or you are simply filling in a vacant position in your company’s ranks, an executive search firm is worth the service. Be it recruitment consultant services or search services, recruitment companies are worth it. But are there any firms?

Are there any good human resource executive search firms in Africa?

Africa is a unique region that is massively punctuated with natural resources, widely different cultures and practices, coupled with an overload of human-capital. This means that the challenges experienced here are unique, especially when compared to other regions of the world.

So, this means that if you are looking to venture into this lucrative market, you should consider employing the services of a reputable search firm such as Flexi Personnel for professional recruitment. We have been in existence for many years. Providing valuable insights to major brands from all over the world looking to set up shop in Africa.

Additionally, we remain committed to the highest levels of professionalism ensuring our clients make the right investments with respect to human resources. Our search methodologies and strategies ensure that we attract skilled talent in senior management positions. Additionally, our vast wealth of databases comprise unique leaders that could be an excellent fit for your organization.

To answer the question, yes, there are good human resource executive search firms in Africa, but if you are looking for the best hr search firm in Africa, consider Flexi Personnel. We understand the science behind success, and we know this market just as good as anyone. All of these factors put together mean that it won’t be long before you start seeing results.

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