Professional Employment Organization in Africa

Expand, hire, and run payroll compliantly in Africa with our professional employment organization (PEO )services. 

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Professional employment organization in Africa

What is professional employment organization?

A professional employer organization also referred to as PEO, is a comprehensive human resource outsourcing service involving a co-employment arrangement.

The PEO service provider takes care of your companies company’s diverse employee administration responsibilities, including payroll management and benefits administration.


Local expertise

As you plan to expand your business into Africa, rest assured that, as your dedicated PEO partner, we possess extensive knowledge of the region’s laws and regulations. Our PEO experts will guide you through the complexities, ensuring seamless compliance and minimizing legal risks.


Expanding into new markets requires careful financial planning. By partnering with Flexi Personnel, you can save on the expenses of establishing a local entity. We offer a straightforward and effective HR plan to help you to allocate resources wisely.

Speedy market entry 

Time is of the essence, and we are here to expedite your market entry. With our established resources and networks in Africa, we help you hit the ground running, seizing opportunities without unnecessary delays.

HR operations streamlining

We handle time-consuming employee administration tasks like payroll processing, benefits management, and tax compliance. This way, you can fully focus on your core business activities and confidently build your presence in the African market.

Efficient talent sourcing and management

Talent acquisition is critical for your success. Flexi Personnel recruitment team is committed to helping you attract the best professionals. Through a rich network and candidate database in the African market, we’ll ensure you hire seasoned talent.


Whether you start small and gradually expand or need rapid growth, we offer PEO services for small businesses and big enterprises. As your trusted PEO company, we will cater to your specific requirements.

Experience a streamlined and seamless expansion into Africa

With our PEO solutions, we make your expansion process effortless.

Our Professional Employer Organization Service Scope

Payroll processing

We handle all aspects of payroll management, ensuring timely and accurate payments to your employees.

Talent sourcing

We actively recruit skilled professionals, sourcing the best candidates to meet your workforce needs.

Tax management

Our tax administration experts manage tax remittance, minimizing risks and ensuring adherence to local tax regulations.

Employee contracting and onboarding support

We provide seamless onboarding and handle employment contracts, ensuring a smooth start for new hires.

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Benefits administration

We manage employee benefits, offering comprehensive packages to attract and retain top talent.

Employee performance management

We support you in evaluating and enhancing employee performance, fostering a productive work environment.

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Work permit and visa processing

We handle the paperwork and processing for work permits and visas, facilitating international workforce mobility.

Experience a streamlined and seamless expansion into Africa

With our PEO solutions, we make your expansion process effortless.

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