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We are the leading tech recruitment agency in Kenya.

We help you hire qualified and experienced tech professionals for your company or projects, from web developers, software engineers, data scientists to cybersecurity experts.

Tech recruitment services at Flexi Personnel
Tech recruitment services

Find the Best Tech Talent with Flexi Personnel

Are you looking for tech talent to work on your projects? Do you want to hire qualified and experienced tech professionals who deliver high-quality results and meet your deadlines?

As the leading IT recruitment agency in the African region, we got you covered. At Flexi Personnel, we pride ourselves on a service-driven, customized solution to all recruitment briefs we receive.

We go the extra mile to understand your team and business goals to find seasoned and qualified tech staff for you. Our reliable  tech recruitment services ensure you get the right fit.

Understand your requirements and expectations

Our tech recruitment experts take into account your project specifications, budget, timeline, and preferred mode of engagement. We also consider the candidates’ skills, experience, portfolio, personality, and availability. This helps to draft a customized technical recruitment plan for you. 

Conduct pre-screening interviews and assessments.

Our tech recruiters use various methods such as phone and video interviews, online tests, coding tests, case studies, and reference checks to ensure the candidates meet your standards and expectations. Our goal is to ensure that the candidates we select are well-equipped to address your IT recruitment needs. 

Provide a shortlist

We will provide you with a tech recruitment account manager who will present a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for your review and feedback. We provide detailed profiles of each candidate, including their resume, portfolio, test results, interview notes, salary expectations, and availability.

Facilitate the interview process

As your IT staffing partner, we arrange the interviews between you and the candidates at a mutually convenient time and platform. Our team also helps prepare any necessary documents and materials for the interview.

Provide ongoing support and feedback

As your technical recruitment partner, we ensure that you have enough support through the recruitment process to ensure that the new employees settle into the company fast. We are dedicated to ensuring that you build the team that will grow your company. 

Looking to recruit tech talent?

We source, interview, shortlist and find the best fit for you. Streamline your hiring process today!

Technical Roles We do Placement for

Why choose Flexi Personnel Tech Recruitment services?

Access to a diverse pool of tech and IT talent

We have a large and diverse pool of tech talent covering various skills, domains, and levels of expertise. We can help you find the right candidate for any tech role or project, no matter how niche or complex.

Technical screening excellence

We have a rigorous and transparent screening process that ensures the quality and suitability of the candidates. We conduct both theoretical and practical screening tests to ensure that the candidates we present have the skills, experience and the capability to do the job. We only present you with the best candidates who match your requirements and expectations, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.

Experienced technical recruitment experts

We have a dedicated and experienced team of technical recruiters who understand the tech industry and the African market. We have a support team who are working in the tech space to ensure that the candidates we hire have the capability to succeed in your market. Additionally, our team will guide you through the hiring process, from understanding your needs to finding the best candidates to supporting you after the hire.

Proven Satisfaction for IT companies

We have a high customer satisfaction and retention rate, with many clients returning to us for their IT staffing needs. We have worked with clients from various sectors and regions, such as telecommunication, engineering, computer science and many others.

Customized solutions

We offer customized tech recruitment solutions that cater to your specific needs and challenges. Our approach is crafting a recruitment strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals and preferences.

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We provide tech recruitment for companies seeking exceptional talent and business for both long and short term success.

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