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What Types of Services Do Outsourcing Companies Support?

Outsourcing in the corporate world can be described as the practice of one firm hiring a third party to perform a task, handle operations or provide services for the company.

The outside firm, also known as the third-party provider or service provider, comes up with its workers or systems to perform the task or the service allocated on sight or at the external location.

In today’s world, companies outsource a range of services from HR consultancy to IT systems, administration, and accounting services.

For the last two decades, organizations have been using outsourcing services as a cost-saving strategy.

Companies have been outsourcing services to maximize operations and tap on specialization.

More so, companies to date contract specialized firms to deliver different outsourcing services such as accounting, human resources, data processing, security, and maintenance.

Now, there are different types of services that can be outsourced, ranging from professional to technical outsourcing.

Let us look at a few kinds of outsourcing that these firms provide.


1. Professional outsourcing

Professional outsourcing includes outsourcing services such as accounting, legal, purchasing, information technology and IT support, administrative support, and other specialized services.

Professional outsourcing is among the most popular types as it involves higher cost-saving opportunities.

It also allows companies to conduct technical services such as accounting, payroll and tax administration, legal, and administration services.

Consulting firms can also give human resource consultancy to the companies.

With professional outsourcing, companies can access high-quality resources while paying for services provided only, thus reducing the organization’s overhead cost.


2. IT outsourcing

Information technology integration, administration, and maintenance are among the most sought services in almost every company.

An IT department is expensive as it requires a skilled workforce, a high range of systems, and software and maintenance costs.

Outsourcing these services involves subcontracting outside organizations to take care of the business’s IT needs, including the development and maintenance of software and support.

Almost every business has IT needs or is at least working at the technology level.

This makes IT outsourcing one of the most sought after outsourced departments.



3. Staff outsourcing

types of services that outsourcing companies support - staff outsourcing

Staff outsourcing involves outsourcing employees from a third-party firm.

Many companies are outsourcing employee servicers to minimize the human resource workload, achieve flexibility and reduce overheads.

This also helps companies channel internal resources to the critical cores for business growth and operations.

Some of the services offered in staff outsourcing include recruiting, hiring, and replacing employees, processing employee salaries, completing background checks and verification of employees, and performing appraisals and training, among other duties.


4. Manufacturer outsourcing

types of services that outsourcing companies support - manufacturer outsourcing

These types of outsourcing are mostly industry specific and involve manufacturing a part or component of another item that a manufacturing firm needs.

An example of manufacturing outsourcing is a vehicle manufacturing plant outsourcing window installing firm to make and install car windows.

A manufacturing firm may require a third-party manufacturer to build a component needed for the firm, with manufacturing the same firm being expensive and using more resources that the firm may not have.

Many companies may have minimum resources and ability in terms of personnel, equipment, and technology to complete the product lifecycle.


5. Process specific outsourcing

This is the outsourcing of specific operation-related aspects from other companies. A company can outsource typical transportation, delivery, or storage process.

Outsourcing can help streamline a company’s service delivery and assist in the provision of resources such as space, transport resources, and branding assistance.

A good example is how different industries outsource delivery firms such as FedEx to deliver globally.

6. Project outsourcing

Some of the projects a company handles may be extensive and demanding to the extent of getting short of workforce and resources to take them.

Companies having trouble managing their projects or a portion of the project may outsource services from project management firms with the necessary skills, workforce, and resources to run the project and meet deadlines.


Outsourcing services, tasks, or projects is advantageous in forms as it offers specialization and cost practical approach to complete assignments and business operations without incurring the unnecessary costs associated with deadweight and overlapping tasks.

Companies should recognize that outsourcing helps them boost productivity and run a more efficient business.

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