1. Do you offer staff outsourcing Services as Flexi Personnel? Yes, we do. We are a one stop shop for all your employee outsourcing needs. Besides staff Outsourcing services, we also offer Executive Search ServicesInterim ManagementHR ConsultancyPayroll ManagementPsychometric Assessments and Expatriate services.
  2. What are the costs?
    Our costs are friendly and vary depending on the scope of work that you wish to outsource to us. We will never turn you away because of costs.
  3. What happens to my current staff members who are on contract? If you wish to outsource staff already on contract, we guide the transition process in compliance with the HR employment Act in the country of service delivery. This ensures transition guidelines as outlined in the employment laws are adhered to. We find this very critical in achieving staff buy in of the transition process.
  4. How do I trust you? Integrity is embedded in every process we deliver for our clients. We work in adherence to employment laws in every country we deliver services and have hundreds of clients whom we have earned trust from for the past 12 years. We encourage all new clients to speak to our pool of raving clients to confirm our integrity, efficiency and consistency values.
  5. Who will manage the employees? You provide outsourced staff delivery supervision while we manage the employment relations including contracts, on-boarding, discipline and grievance, leave, overtime, payroll and payroll tax remittance as well as separation. This enables you to focus on your core business.
  6. What happens in instances of redundancy? We guide and support the process in compliance with employment laws. Our critical responsibility is to ensure the process is implemented in strict compliance to laid down procedures in the law. We develop all process documentation required including notifying all government bodies that the process requires be notified. We execute the process above board.
  7. Do you follow labour laws? As a HR Consultancy company, we are custodians of the labour laws and assume direct responsibility of guiding and directing the client while ensuring all employee engagements are in compliance with the labour laws.
  1. Do I provide the KPIs for the staff/ How are staff evaluated?
    You outsource staff because you want to focus on your core business and achieve maximum output from your investment in Human resources. Against this background, you provide the KPIs for the staff and also assume direct staff supervision as well as staff evaluation. You may also give feedback to the staff after the evaluation process but our account manager may also give the feedback as shall be agreed by both parties.
  2. What happens if I want to terminate an employee?
    The termination process is guided by the employment laws and we ensure the separation process is smooth and all liabilities if any are resolved before separation.
  3. What other benefits are included in the offering?
    We offer soft skills training for all outsourced staff based on identified needs aligned to your business. Additionally, and most important is the peace of mind that you get not having to worry about employee administrative workload but free to focus on business growth.
    11. Will I lose control over staff issues?
    Not at all. We work in close consultation with you and bring all employee related issues that need your attention to your designated contact person in a timely manner. We also share monthly reports with you on parameters pre-agreed by both parties. You remain in full control of the employees but eased off the burden of the mundane HR Administrative tasks that take time away from business.
    12. What type of staff can be outsourced?
    Any level of staff can be outsourced depending on your business strategy. You can outsource everyone from the Country Manager to the lower-level employees. You may prefer not to invest in an internal HR department because you are aware the benefits of outsourcing your end-to-end HR management far outweighs investing in an internal HR department.You can choose to do this when you simply want to focus on driving your business to achieve desired growth. You could also choose to outsource some specific departments depending on the nature of your business. Assuming your business has seasonal demands, instead of offering staff long term contracts, outsourcing is a great business strategy that’s allows you to control human capital costs by controlling headcount.
    13. What happens if an employee asks for a salary increase?
    We develop a standard operation procedures manual for every client that includes frequency and criteria for salary increase. During induction, we ensure all outsourced employees are made aware of the employment terms. Hence at the point an outsourced employee asks for a salary increase, the procedure manual becomes the reference guide.
    14. What if my employee is absent?
    During induction, we ensure all outsourced employees are made aware of the employment terms and what to do if they are not able to report to work.
    15. How do we start the process?
    Please email us at [email protected] or call us for a free consultative meeting to enable us assess your needs and advise the most viable options to start off the process.


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