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10 Top Executive Search Firms in Africa

You are probably on the lookout for great leaders to steer your organization to success. And just like many other organizations, you have decided to leverage the expertise of executive search firms. 

I mean, this is without a doubt a smart move that will give you a competitive edge. 

Africa is a country with exceptional talent, and if you are looking for brilliant executives to help manage your business you are going to be impressed.

You will easily find the best minds in your industry by leveraging executive search services in Africa.

Executive search firms are experts in finding and hiring individuals for top-level positions within an organization, ensuring you get the best minds in the job market.

Executive search services from a top firm in Africa

Now this is just one of the many reasons you need to partner with an executive search firm. And I could go on and on about all the reasons but let me not stall you.

In this article we have listed 10 of the best executive search firms in Africa, to make it easy for you as you look for the best executive recruiters to work with.

Before we get into the best executive search services in Africa, check out our other article on How Executive Search Companies Work to gain a better understanding of how they work.

10 Top Executive Search Firms In Africa

1. Flexi Personnel

Over the last 15 years, Flexi Personnel has evolved into one of the leading HR Consultancy companies in Africa. 

With experience in over 45 countries, they have the local expertise and reach to help your business identify talented executives & senior management across Africa. 

With their proven track record, they have earned a reputation for successfully managing highly sensitive and intricate retained search assignments for Board, CEO, and C-suite positions. 

Their executive headhunters will help you find executives across different industries from tech to manufacturing.


Contact: +254709661000

2.CA Global

A leading executive search firm in Africa

CA Global Headhunters employs a successful Executive Search approach applicable to various industries in Africa. 

They reach out to potential candidates confidentially, assessing their interests and qualifications for specific positions. 

Collaborating closely with clients, they ensure the identification of ideal candidates.

Their CA Global Executive Search team in Africa possesses a keen awareness of cultural compatibility, addressing potential operational or cultural gaps, which proves highly beneficial for their clients.


Contact: +27 216599200

3. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry offers executive search services worldwide, including in Africa. 

They specialize in identifying and recruiting high-level executives and leaders for organizations. 

The firm employs advanced assessment tools to help companies build strong leadership teams and enhance their human capital strategies. 

Their executive recruiters ensure you find candidates with the right skills and mindset for your company. 

They also help set up competitive compensation and retention plans to attract and keep the right leaders.


4. Executives In Africa

With their offices strategically based in the UK, Executives in Africa specialise in placing C-level hires within the continent. 

They take pride in their experience, knowledge and geographical reach in supporting their clients to find and hire the best minds in the industry. 

They also boast of their rigorous assessment tests to ensure they retain knowledgeable and brilliant executives. 


Contact: +44 (0)7957 330235

5. Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer identifies and recruits individuals at the Board, C-suite, Executive, and senior management levels in various functions. 

That is to say, they specialize in filling challenging roles where highly qualified individuals are in high demand, and top leaders are typically not actively seeking new opportunities.

Their executive search approach combines scientific precision and artistic elements. 

It involves a meticulous process that uses data and creativity, demonstrating rigour and empathy. 



6. Boyden

An executive headhunter form a top executive search firm

Boyden is an international executive search company that specializes in interim management and leadership consulting. 

With an office in Kenya, their executive staffing solutions help companies recruit executives in East Africa.

With specialized teams dedicated to various industries and functions, operating in over 70 offices globally, they achieve results through a strong personal commitment and a focus on our clients.


Contact: +254 791 242 192

7. Millar Cameron

They are a top global executive search firm that focuses on placing senior leaders in Africa. 

They specialize in connecting exceptional talent with businesses seeking leaders for C-level, Board, and Senior Management roles.

Their goal is to contribute to Africa’s continuous development by providing capable and dedicated leaders, both in the present and future.

With extensive experience in various sectors, they play a role in influencing important outcomes worldwide.



8. Africa Work

AfricaWork is an executive search & recruitment firm, with recruitment platforms in 37 countries in Africa.

They help fill executive positions across various functions including customer service, accounting, IT and many more. 

Additionally, they have expertise in many sectors such as government, tourism, travel, and food industry among others.

Their methodology aims to ensure the highest quality of candidates that match the needs of the clients. 




AfricSearch utilizes a network of 54 interconnected offices globally. 

In their quest to identify local executives, they not only conduct searches within specific markets but also extend their reach to a pan-African and global scale.

Firstly, they follow a 4 step approach of understanding, finding, evaluating and following up. 

Secondly, they also offer other services including board advisory, recruitment and HR consultancy services.



10. Summit Recruitment & Search Africa

Summit Recruitment is a recruitment agency that operates primarily in East Africa, specifically in Kenya. 

They provide executive search services as part of their broader recruitment and human resource consulting offerings. 

With local knowledge and expertise, they create teams customized to the precise technical skills and experience necessary for your specific search requirements. 

Furthermore, they work closely with your organization, they collaborate to assist you in accomplishing your objectives through the deliverables they provide.

Flexi Personnel As Your Executive Search Partner.

Now that you know some of the top executive search firms in the region, I’m pretty sure your search process has gotten easier. 

But, let us make it easier for you. Choosing Flexi Personnel as your executive search firm means gaining access to extensive experience and expertise in identifying and recruiting top-level talent for important leadership positions. 

An executive recruiter from a top executive search firm in Africa

We specialize in senior appointments across Africa and excel in connecting outstanding leaders with businesses in need of transformative leadership for C-level and Senior Management roles.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about getting the most brilliant minds out here, we have expert executive headhunters who can access candidates who aren’t actively looking for new roles.

Need I say more? Call us today to experience reliable and top-quality executive search services and get connected to transformational leaders.

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