Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Africa

Africa is becoming a hotspot for technology and innovation. This means there are many exciting tech jobs available. But how do you find the right job, or how can a company find the right person for a job? That’s where IT recruitment agencies step in.

They know where to find the brightest minds and the best talents, and they match them up with these tech jobs out there.

This article will explore top tech recruitment agencies in Africa and see how they make a difference in Africa’s growing tech world.

So if you are expanding into Africa and don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered.

Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Africa

Flexi Personnel

Flexi Personnel is a leading IT recruitment agency based in Kenya. With over 15 years of experience, they have established themselves as a gateway into Africa. 

They offer various services, including tech recruitment, HR consultancy, and executive search. 

They help businesses hire qualified and experienced tech professionals for companies or projects, from web developers, software engineers, and data scientists to cybersecurity experts.




Tech Talent Africa

Tech Talent is a skilled recruitment team that specializes in offering unique services to startups aiming to fill tech-related positions. With over 12 years of experience, their primary mission is to contribute to bridging the skill gaps in these companies.

With their expertise, they connect talented professionals with the right roles, ensuring that startups have the tech expertise they need to thrive.



Data Tech Recruitment

DataTech boasts extensive expertise in recruiting for specialized industries, including IT, Digital, Hospitality, Medical, and Financial Services. 

They provide ethical and high-value recruitment services by cultivating enduring relationships with clients and candidates. 

Whether on a local or international scale, DataTech is committed to delivering exceptional solutions to meet your staffing needs.


+27 81 495 9953


Olive Branch

Established in 2020, Olive Branch is a dedicated permanent labor and employment placement recruiter. Their core strengths lie in purpose-driven recruiting and budget-friendly solutions for clients. 

Their expertise spans various industries, including FMCG, retail, finance, IT, and engineering. 

With over 30 years of combined management experience in key sectors like sales, FMCG, retail, finance, and telecommunications, they specialize in sourcing and placing talent that aligns with your industry needs.


079 878 9861



With a history of 40+ years in technical search & selection, Airswift harnesses its global talent network to align business goals with success. 

Specializing in the technology sector, their consultants actively engage with the market to meet current demands effectively.

Airswift’s experienced headhunters are experts at finding hard-to-find job candidates. They do this by talking to many skilled IT professionals and using a special process to discover these candidates.


Africa work

AfricaWork specialises in recruitment, including executive tech recruitment for your projects in Africa. They have a wide network spanning 37 African countries and an extensive CV database of over 3 million professionals.

AfricaWork focuses on IT sector executives. They identify and pre-select top IT executives that perfectly fit your recruitment criteria. They offer profiles of skilled IT professionals across Africa from various top management positions.


Morocco: +212 (0)6 02 88 09 84

France: +33 9 77 19 80 00

South Africa: +27 (0)11 083 8700


CA Global

CA Global specializes in recruiting for the Information Technology Industry across Africa. They have a proven track record in tech recruitment within sectors such as Telecoms, Banking, Development, ERP, Security, and Consultancy. 

Their experienced team has successfully placed candidates in major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cairo, Nairobi, Lagos, Abuja, Luanda, Maputo, and Windhoek. 


+27 216599200


Titanium Talent

Titanium Talent is a leading tech recruitment agency based in South Africa. They offer a personalized IT resourcing approach that starts by understanding clients’ needs. 

They use a comprehensive database to quickly and precisely find the right candidates. This customized strategy streamlines their client’s recruitment process, saving them valuable time and resources.


0861 277 266


Iris Consulting

IRIS Consulting Corporation is a leading privately-owned tech recruitment agency known for its trustworthiness and reliability in Africa. They excel in matching candidates with suitable roles and have built a strong reputation among clients and candidates. They are committed to their clients, maintaining responsiveness, diligence, and follow-through on their commitments. Their approach values each candidate they represent.




Network Recruitment

Network recruitment is a leading recruitment agency with over 30 years of experience. They specialize in IT, finance, engineering and supply chain recruitment. They offer solutions in numerous regions, including Africa, the Americas, Australia among others.

Their unique value proposition goes beyond responsiveness and problem-solving to integrate our capability and resourcing with yours.




Tech recruitment agencies excel in finding the right talent, making it an easy process. Partnering with tech recruitment agencies offers numerous advantages to a company.

Let’s look at some things a tech recruitment agency will support if you partner with them.

Core Services Offered by Tech Recruitment Agencies

Finding top talent

Tech recruitment agencies harness their extensive networks to find hidden talent in the tech industry. Tech recruiters leverage online platforms, attend industry events, and maintain databases of skilled professionals to build a diverse talent pool. 

They can connect with candidates that are not actively searching for jobs. Tech recruiters from these IT staffing agencies are expert headhunters, making them extremely good at discovering hidden talent.

Evaluation and screening 

IT staffing agencies conduct rigorous evaluations and interviews to ensure that candidates are a good match for tech roles. They will assess the candidates for you. 

This process helps companies save time and resources by focusing on candidates who meet the required criteria.

Expert Advice

Tech recruitment agencies possess a deep understanding of market trends, enabling them to provide valuable insights into salary expectations, in-demand skills, and industry dynamics. 

They will offer expert and relevant advice on tech recruitment, talent, salaries, interview techniques, and even job descriptions.

Accelerated hiring

In a competitive job market, speed matters. These agencies speed the hiring process, minimizing the time it takes to fill critical tech positions. They can do this since they have a database of screened CVs. 

So if you need to fill up a vacancy urgently, tech recruitment agencies will help you fill it up in a glimpse.


Tech recruitment agencies are worth the investment. Utilizing expert tech recruiters could take your business to the next level. 

Tech recruitment is not only about finding the right person for the job but finding a person that will be valuable to your company.

If you are looking for a reliable tech recruitment partner as you expand into Africa, look no further. Flexi Personnel has a proven track record in successfully sourcing and placing talent. With more than 15 years we are committed to connecting you with the finest minds in the industry.

Reach out today and get started with us as your partner.

If you would like to know more about technical recruitment, check out our article on what technical recruitment is.


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