In this digital age, technology greatly influences how companies thrive and expand. This has led to a massive demand for tech talent. This is where tech recruitment comes in. 

If you are asking the question, “What is tech recruitment?” Our experts have put together this article to help you. 

We’ll examine what tech recruitment is, the process, and why you might need technical recruitment. 

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What is technical recruitment?

Basically, technical recruitment is finding and hiring the right people with the specific skills and knowledge needed to fill technical positions in a company. 

It involves searching for, assessing, and selecting candidates with the technical expertise required for roles such as software developers, engineers, IT specialists, and other technical professionals.

Therefore, a tech recruiter is a specialist that sources, screens, and interviews the candidates for these technical roles.

Now that you understand tech recruitment, let’s look at the technical recruitment process.

What does the technical recruitment process entail?

Here are the steps involved in a tech recruitment process:

Identify the need

The initial stage of the technical recruitment process involves identifying the specific role and the ideal candidate to fulfill it. 

This makes it easy to understand the technical skills and expertise required for the job.

Create the job description

This is where the tech recruiter will list down the roles and responsibilities of the desired candidate. 

The job description should be clear and easy to understand, as this will motivate candidates to apply.


This step of the technical recruitment process involves finding the right candidate. The tech recruiter will actively connect and engage with the relevant candidates encouraging them to apply for the role.

Evaluation and tests

This is where candidates are invited to a technical assessment to evaluate their job-specific skills.

Ensuring the tests are engaging is crucial to avoid losing potential candidates.

Candidates that pass the tests then move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.


The tech recruiter assesses candidates based on technical assessment results, relevant experience, and job requirements in this step. 

They carefully analyze each candidate’s performance to decide whether they have the necessary skills.

If the candidate meets the requirements, they move to the next stage of the tech recruitment process.

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In this step, candidates meet with the tech recruiter or hiring manager. It’s a chance for both sides to ask questions and learn more about each other. 

The company assesses the candidate’s skills and fit while the candidate gets to know the job, team, and company culture. 

Decision making

The decision-making process in tech recruitment is a critical phase where the gathered information and assessments are carefully analyzed to choose the most suitable candidate.

The hiring team meets to discuss each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit for the company’s needs. 

Extending an offer

This is when the chosen candidate receives an official job offer from the company. After decision-making, the hiring team selects the best fit for the role, and the HR department or hiring manager extends the offer to the candidate.

As tech talent demand grows, companies must use strategic and inclusive recruitment processes to attract the best minds in the field.

However, finding the right tech talent has not been that easy.

A survey by Indeed showed that 86% of companies say they find it challenging to hire technical talent, whereas 36% of the same population say it is complicated to find technical skills.

Here is why finding tech talent is hard

Evolving technology needs

Technology constantly evolves, making it hard for those in the industry to keep up. If you think you have just understood a programming language, a new development emerges.

These advancements create skill gaps that can be hard to find.

Skills shortages

It is no secret that there has always been a gap for tech talent in the market. In fact, due to the talent shortage, only 65 out of every 100 open job roles are successfully filled.

A recent McKinsey & Company survey shows that over 44% of prominent organizations anticipate the talent shortage to worsen in the next five years.

Lack of hiring expertise

One main challenge companies may face in tech recruitment is the lack of hiring expertise. This is where tech recruitment agencies come in. These agencies support businesses in recruiting the needed tech talent. They enable companies to acquire top candidates while saving costs and time.

High cost to and retain tech talent

The cost of hiring and retaining tech professionals can be high for businesses. This makes it hard for companies trying to hire for these roles. This is because they may have to convince the few available candidates why their organization is the best choice for them.

While hiring tech talent is challenging, most companies have attracted top candidates through top tech recruitment agencies.

Businesses must acquire top tech talent to stay relevant and have a competitive advantage.

Reasons why you need a technical recruiter

  • They understand the industry
  • They have access to a vast network of candidates
  • They will offer expert hiring advice
  • They will save you time and money


It’s important to note that tech recruitment is essential for business success and innovation. With technology driving the world, the demand for skilled tech talent is higher than ever. 

Companies need strategic recruitment to attract top talent to thrive in this competitive environment.

Choose Flexi-Personnel as your tech recruitment partner to help you build your dream team.

We hope this answers all your questions on tech recruitment. Check out our other article to know the best agencies in Africa.


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