advantages of using a recruitment agency

Why use a Professional Recruitment Agency?

A study conducted by McKinsey Co. in 1997, predicted that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years would be talent. The study went on to state that this would also be the resource in shortest supply. The search for the best and the brightest would become a constant, costly battle, a fight with no final victory. At Flexi Personnel over the years we helped companies understand how resourceful it is to invest in a recruiting company. In this article, you will understand why it’s important to consider using a recruiting agency.

Talented professionals are in extremely high demand today, with every employer seeking to attract and retain the same talent pool. The other day we hired a great senior executive for one of our clients and 5 months into the job, another company approached the same candidate for whom our client was really pleased with. The company gave them an offer that our client could not match. The battle for the best talent continues to intensify. It has become clear that companies need to increase their efficiency and effectiveness regarding recruitment.

A recruitment agency can help you score better in the battle for talent. You do not need to go through hundreds of curriculum vitae (CVs) that have no relevance to the role you are seeking to fill. When you use a recruitment agency, the agency ensures that you do not meet any candidate unless they satisfy the criteria for the role that you are seeking to fill.

Recruitment agencies also conduct preliminary screening and testing. When you are busy investing in your company’s Strategic Business processes and tools that will help you grow your core business, recruitment agencies, on the other hand, are busy investing in tools that will help them get the right fit for every role they are asked to fill. These tools range from interview techniques, psychometric assessment centres, document verification processes, to reference and background checks, application tracking systems and other strategic tools.

Advantages of seeking the services of a recruitment agency.

  1. The recruiter will give you critical insights that will enable you to make the right hiring decision. Before they can support you, a reputable recruitment agency will want to know why you are hiring. They will want to know if the position is new or why the position holder left. The recruitment agency aims to understand the context of the assignment. This guides them to the right fit for the role. They may also share insights around market trends, correct remuneration and benefits for the role. Normally, they will act in the best interests of both parties, therefore ensuring the right move for the candidate and the right hiring decision for the employer.
  2. Saving time and money. A reputable staffing agency ensures only the best 3 or 4 candidates. Those whose profile closely matches the role a client is seeking to fill. They are considered for the face to face interview with the client. This saves you great amounts of time. You only get to meet the best fits. Compare the cost implications of maintaining an in-house recruiter, including salary, benefits and leave. The benefits of using a recruiter far outweigh the fees that they charge. Recruiters have access to a wide pool of talented professionals who are not actively looking to change jobs. However, if an attractive opportunity comes up, they are always willing to discuss the details with the recruiter.
  3. Recruiters know where to look for talent. They have dedicated resources whose primary role is to headhunt for talent. Every morning when they report to work, they implement creative ways to narrow down to the right candidates, even if these candidates have not applied for the position. Assuming you sought to headhunt for a strategic role, can your HR Manager call your competition to invite potential candidates for an interview with your company? Of course not, as the competition would immediately know what you were up to. We, therefore, recommend that you release your HR teams to focus on optimizing organizational performance. This enables you to achieve the desired output whilst leaving the staffing agencies with the task of finding the right candidates.
  4. Access to application tracking systems. Technological advancements have revolutionized the way we do business. If you are still sieving through applications, you need to pay attention to this point. Top-notch recruitment agencies have access to application tracking systems that allow for the automatic sieving of candidates as they make the application. The application tracking software allows the recruiter to customize questions. The applicant must fill the questions as part of the application process. The questions’ derived from the job advert and specific to the jobs advertised. As the prospective candidates are applying, the system sieves the candidate who has the most perfect/ideal answer and ranks them on top. For example, if a position attracted 250 applications, the recruiter could quickly download the 10 or 20 strongest candidates. Then only cross-check the CVs for this selected group and further decide which candidates to invite for pre-screening. Believe me, it works like a charm.
  5. Reduction of administrative tasks. Whatever your industry, be it energy, gas and oil, mining, construction engineering, research, etc. outsourcing part of your human resource management function allows your HR teams to focus on the project deliverables and optimize hired staff to achieve expected output. This gives you complete peace of mind and releases your internal HR teams. Thus allowing them to focus on the big picture and not the mundane administrative duties arising thereof.

Also, agencies are very careful when they do their recruitment, some even conduct background checks ensuring that your organisation hire the right and trustworthy candidate.

The business dynamics of today demand that organizations explore strategies that will give them a competitive edge. Therefore, by seeking the support of a recruitment agency, organizations can gain the necessary advantages needed to propel them to victory in the war on talent.


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