About Us

We have evolved to become the HR gateway into Africa. Our operations have expanded through years of hard work to cover more than 45 African countries.

Our philosophies

We believe in maintaining strong value systems and structures that support achievement of both our mission and vision.


To grow tenfold by consistently delivering an unmatched customer experience enabled by a progressive culture.


We deliver valuable HR services to our clients by continuously reinventing ourselves

Our values


We do the right thing


We will reliably & consistently deliver quality services


We continuously reinvent ourselves, our services and processes.


We are committed to positively contributing to our customers, our staff, our suppliers and the society


We are committed to positively contributing to our customers, our staff, our suppliers and the society


We seek to excel in all that we do

Our story

Founded in December 2008, Flexi Personnel Ltd was inspired by the versatility and adaptability required in Kenya’s fast-evolving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. From inception, our commitment has been to provide compliant and effective HR solutions for the rapidly evolving business environment. This mirrored our operational philosophy—adapting to client needs with precision and efficiency.

Our first significant milestone was securing a contract to provide staff outsourcing services to an Australian company aiming to extend its call center operations within Kenya. This venture marked the commencement of our Employer of Record (EOR) Services and set the stage for our expansion into the East African market.

We experienced substantial growth as we began offering services to international firms from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai, further establishing our presence in the global marketplace.

Our portfolio continued to diversify as we attracted significant contracts from various sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Research, solidifying our reputation as a versatile and reliable HR service provider.

A pivotal year for our operations, we extended our service delivery beyond Kenyan borders to accommodate client demands in Uganda and Tanzania. This expansion was client-driven, reflecting our commitment to meet and adapt to our client’s expansion needs into the African markets.

In response to the increasing demand for our services across East Africa, we established a subsidiary office, Flexi Personnel Limited – Uganda. This strategic move was designed to consolidate our presence and streamline our operations within the region.

We further enlarged our footprint across Africa, extending our HR services and employment solutions to Rwanda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, and Egypt, driven by our relentless pursuit to assist our clients wherever they ventured.

Our expansion continued to Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Ivory Coast into our service territories, each step guided by our principle of flexibility and client-oriented service.

As demands grew for replicating our services across new African territories, we rebranded ourselves as an HR Gateway for Africa. This new identity underscores our dedication to facilitating our client’s success across the continent by offering customized employment solutions that empower them to focus on their strategic business growth.

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