HR Consultancy

We support you with everything HR, including HR audits, Salary Surveys, Job Evaluations, HR Policies/ Manuals, HR on Demand services

Recruitment Services

As a premier African recruitment agency, we specialize in connecting local and international companies with talented candidates...

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments accurately predict job performance, strengthen your employer brand, and are critical in enabling you make the right hiring

Expatriate Services

We handle all immigration permits and other logistical arrangements, allowing expatriates to focus on their work and enjoy their new

Payroll and Tax Administration

When it comes to payroll taxes in our regions of operation, we keep up to date with the changing tax

Interim Management

We understand best practices for interim executive placement and the specific skills that make an executive successful in an interim

Executive search

We help you find highly seasoned and competent leadership teams with the muscle to drive your business forward within a

EOR/Staff outsourcing

We not only give you access to a pool of rich talent, but we also make employment in Africa effortless

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